Leisure Activities

We will introduce you to Germany and its culture. You will get to know Mannheim, a city known for its music, theatre, and technology, as well as its vibrant night life and scenic surroundings.

We offer trips to the lively Frankfurt, the metropolis Stuttgart and, of course, the romantic city of Heidelberg. In addition, there will be a trip to the Black Forest (known for its Black Forest Cake!), wine tasting in the Palatinate Region and a variety of different sports activities (bowling, swimming, beach volleyball)!

Important dates and information will be posted and regularly updated in our Facebook group.


The course participants will be supported by our friendly "Hugos". A Hugo is a male or female student; his function is to take care of the International Summer Academy participants as leisure activity tutors. They will help you organize your stay as pleasant as possible: excursions, parties, a pub crawl and sports activities are all part of the programme.


Visum is a student organization, who takes care of the international students at the University of Mannheim during the semester and also in the semester holidays. Visum offers a variety of different activities which complement the Summer Academy programme.

Summer Academy programme 2019