Please register here to participate in the International Summer Academy.

Please note: Exchange students of University of Mannheim can only register via International Office.

The course fee for the International Summer Academy is 685,00 € (300,00 € Down Payment + 385,00 € Remaining Fee).

Registration can take place in our office in L9.7 (2nd floor) or via online form.

Please fill out the registration form completely and pay the registration fee of 300 Euros. Only then the registration is considered valid. Please indicate the course number 42008 ISA0 on your registration.

If you need an official registration confirmation, please leave a comment on the online registration form (or send us an e-mail). After receiving the registration fee of 300€, we will send you the registration confirmation.

Registration Deadline: 15.07.2020

1. General Terms and Conditions of Participation

As a rule, all our courses are for adults. Young people from the age of 18 may take part. The courses are not suitable for those under the age of 18.

2. Obligatory Fees and Reservation of a Place on the Course

All written registration, including online registration, is binding and entails payment of the fees in full for the courses booked, unless cancellation of the booked courses has been carried out in writing within the cancellation deadline. Confirmation of registration or issuing of a certificate of registration is only made when the booked course is paid in full (for two-week courses and shorter courses), or if the registration fee for the course has been paid (for courses lasting longer than two weeks), or a declaration of acceptance of the full costs by a third party exists (e.g. sponsorship or bursary, declaration of acceptance of the costs by an employer). Decisive is the receipt of payment to our account or presentation of a receipt of payment or a declaration of acceptance for the costs. Only then is a course place firmly reserved.

3. Payment Date

All services booked must be paid in full in advance and at the latest until the registration Deadline (30.06.2020). If payment has not been made in full by the beginning of the next day, the participant has no right to any further reservation of a course or accommodation place by the University of Mannheim Service and Marketing GmbH, unless other conditions have been explicitly named for a special offer or deviations from the regulations have been agreed upon in writing. Regardless of this duty of payment exists by the participant in full.

4. Method of Payment and Charges

Payment is accepted in cash, by credit card, by bank transfer or by EC card. Bank charges for payment to our account, payment by cheque, bank transfer etc. will be paid by the course participant.

5. Cancellation Deadline

Proper cancellation notice of a course is always possible if notice is given in writing up to two weeks before the start of the course, in the case of some services it may also be later (see the appropriate description of the services). If proper cancellation notice is given, the course fees will be returned to the participant minus the registration charges. If notice of cancellation is made too late, full costs for the course must be paid. Special cancellation conditions apply for booked exams.

6. Insurance and Liability

Course fees do not include insurance cover. Course participants are themselves responsible for medical insurance, accident insurance and third party liability insurance cover, if no such insurance was specifically agreed upon with the organizer. Course participants will be held responsible for any damage culpably caused by him/her, especially also for any damage caused in the arranged accommodation.

7. Inability of a Course Participant to Attend

If a course participant cannot attend a course either completely or in part after the start of the course because of personal reasons (e.g. illness, problems of residency or personal obligations), he/she does not have any claim to a refund of the course fees or participation in another course at a later time.

8. Cancellation of a Course by the Organizer

The organizer may cancel a booked course even on the first day of the course. In this case a suitable replacement course will be offered. If a course is cancelled the customer can, if he/she wishes, receive a refund of the total amount paid without any deduction for processing or bank charges. If this is the case, however, no claim can be made for the reimbursement of reservation costs for travel tickets or similar. We recommend that the course participant take out travel cancellation insurance.

9. Teaching Material

Unless otherwise stated, costs for teaching material are included in the course fees. Encyclopaedias and dictionaries are not included!

10. Change of Course

Allocation to a course level is made after a placement test. Participants have no claim to the fixing of course times (mornings or afternoons). These will be laid down by the organizer.

11. Data Protection

The course participant agrees, that during the University of Mannheim's proper execution of the registration, billing and assessment procedures, the course participant’s data will be electronically compiled and processed.

12. Place of Jurisdiction

Legal venue is Mannheim.