The International Summer Academy (ISA) 2024

Monday, August 5: Start of Summer Academy
Friday, August 30: End of Summer Academy


Summer Academy

Join our Summer Academy and experience the German language and culture alongside fellow students from all over the world!


The International Summer Academy is way more than just a regular language course!

The four week program will provide you with top tier intensive German lessons rounded off by a variety of Seminars and Workshops all around and about Germany and its culture! Come get to know Germany through one of our various leisure programs!

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Important Information

The International Summer Academy takes place once a year (usually in August) for a duration of four weeks.

All further information surrounding our program and the registration process can be found here.

When will the International Summer Academy 2024 take place?

ISA takes place from 5th of August till 30th of August, 2024.

Registration deadline: 15 June 2024

What costs does the participation in the Summer Academy entail?

Total Course Fee: 685€

Information: Exchange students who come to the University of Mannheim as part of a state program with Baden-Württemberg are exempt from the course fee (*except North Carolina). Country programs exist with Mexico, the Canadian province of Ontario, and the US states of North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, Ontario, and California. You can find out if this applies to you in the sixth paragraph of the “Welcome Letter” from the International Office. If this is the case, please select the appropriate ‘Country Program’ in the ‘Country Program’ field.

What would my daily schedule look like?


In the mornings you will participate in five general teaching units. These lessons will be held in all language levels from the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and are suitable for newbies (A 1.1) as well as (almost) fully fluent students(C1).

The tuition language will be German from the very beginning.


Activities/Seminars such as:

Communication and Grammar seminars, Intercultural Training, Lectures about Europe, Politics, Literature and Economy, regional excursions.

Attendance is optional.


Where can I find accommodation for my stay in Mannheim?

Due the situation we have only  we have a small contingent of rooms in a nearby student dorm.

Nevertheless we recommend you check out these websites when searching for affordable accommodation:

WG-Gesucht (Short-term leases in shared student apartments)

AirBnB (Short-term leases on rooms and apartments)

Jugendherberge Mannheim


Where can I sign up for the Summer Academy?


Please register via our online form for the International Summer Academy.

The registration deadline is the 15th of June 2024

Attention: Exchange Students of the University of Mannheim can only register trough the International Office: Registration ISA 2024

A step-by-step registration guide:

  1. Click on this link to get to our Online-form.
  2. Fill in all the blanks and type in the following course number: 42407 ISA0
  3. In case you require an official registration confirmation, please make sure to let us know by mentioning it on the ‘’remarks’’ section of the form.
  4. Send the form.
  5. Pay the course fee of 745€ up to eight days after your registration. For our account information please see above.

Attention: Your registration becomes valid only after you pay the course fee! Only then will you receive a confirmation email from us. Your registration will be canceled, if no payment is received within the time limit.

Registration Summer Academy 2024

The International Summer Academy takes place face-to-face.

Please register for the International Summer Academy only via the online form.
Deadline for registration is July 15, 2024. We still have a few rooms left to rent.

Attention: Exchange students of the University of Mannheim can only register via the International Office: Registration ISA 2024


Click on the button Registration.
Fill it out completely and enter the following course number: 42407 ISA0.
If you need an official confirmation of registration, please note this on the online registration form under “Remark”.
Submit the form
Pay the course fee of 685 € within eight  days after receiving the email to our bank account (see below)

Attention: Your registration is only valid after receipt of the course fee! Only then will you receive an e-mail from us confirming your registration. If we do not receive your payment within this period, your preliminary registration will be automatically cancelled.

If possible no gmail address!


Due the situation we are not able to provide accommodations this year. Nevertheless we recommend you check out these websites when searching for affordable accommodation:

Intensivkurse Deutsch

Unsere Kurse richten sich an Studienbewerber, Absolventen von Hochschulen sowie alle, die an der deutschen Sprache interessiert sind. Jeden Monat bieten wir Kurse auf allen Niveaustufen von A1,1 (Anfänger) bis C1 (Fortgeschritten) an.

Sommer- und Winterakademie

Kommunikation ist Trumpf! Bei der Internationalen Sommer- und Winterakademie erwarten Sie neben dem täglichen Deutschunterricht interessante Seminare, Workshops und ein XXL-Freizeit-Angebot!


Prüfungen: DSH und TestDaF

Sie möchten in Deutschland studieren? Wir machen Sie fit für die Prüfung in unseren DSH und TestDaF-Kursen. Wir sind registriertes bzw. lizenziertes Prüfungszentrum für DSH – TestDaF – telc.